The Theatre and Film Studies Curriculum is designed to cover both four year UME and three year direct
entry programmes, respectively.  Theatre and Film Studies as a conglomeration of all art forms covers
such areas as Technical Theatre, Acting , Directing, Playwriting, Theatre Administration, Media Theatre,
Film Studies ,Educational Theatre, Community Theatre, Dramatic Literature, Theory and Criticism and
Project Work.

Entry Requirements

There are two modes of admission into the programme, namely UME and Direct Entry.
Prospective degree candidates must satisfy both the University minimum entry and
specific departmental requirements. The Department specifically requires that Four-Year
B.A. programme candidates must have passed English Language and Literature in English
at least at credit level in the West African School Certificate or an equivalent examination.
Direct Entry 
Three-year B.A. programme candidates must possess either a diploma or certificate
in Drama, Film, Music or Communication Arts from a recognized institution of higher
learning or must have passed Literature in English at the G.C.E A/Level.
Job Opportunities
Job opportunities for graduates of Theatre and Film Studies exist in the public service, particularly in
teaching, administration and broadcasting. In addition cultural centres, the movie
industry, public relations establishments and publishing houses need graduates
equipped with the kind of expertise the programme impart. Our graduates can become self-employed
as writers, critics, film-makers, journal and book publishers,
actors and theatre directors, etc.

Stress Areas 

Courses in the programme are grouped into nine stress areas as follow
Foundation Courses
Dramatic Theory, Literature and Criticism
Technical Theatre
Acting and Dance
Directing and Theatre Administration
Educational Theatre
Film and media Theatre