Key Officers

Names Position
Assoc. Prof. C.K. Ikwuemesi Current Head of Department
Dr. G.O. Diogu Former Head of Department
Prof. O.K. Oyeoku Former HOD & Now Head, Arts Education Section
Dr. V.E. Ali Immediate past Head of Department
Dr. G.O. Uka Former HOD & Now Head, Graphic Section
Dr. S.O. Asogwa Head, Textile Section
Dr. O. Onuzulikema Coordinator, PG Seminar/Proposal
Mrs. Okpara, T.F. Head, Fashion Section
Dr. C. Nwigwe Exam Officer and Sandwich Coordinator
Dr. V.C. Okpara Head, Sculpture Session and Undergraduate Project Coordinator
Miss M. Okafor Asst. Examination Officer
Mr. C.O. Uzoagba Asst. Examination Officer
Mr. R.S. Uzuanje Secretary to the Department