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Welcome to Faculty of Arts, University Of Nigeria Nsukka

Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message
The Faculty was established to preserve the dignity of the African, as expressed by the National Congress of British West Africa when the struggle for national self-determination was at its earliest. No doubt, the Faculty was to fill this need considering the fact that Nigerian history and culture appeared to have been relegated by the colonial powers. The University needed to take into account the historical and cultural aspects of Nigeria. Too much emphasis must not be placed upon science, technology and rationalism at the expense of the history of the independent nation. Therefore, it was the belief of the advisers that the Faculty of Arts should receive pioneer attention in the plans of the University.

About Faculty of Arts

A Brief History of the Faculty The Faculty of Arts is one of the first four foundation faculties of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka which commenced academic activities in 1960 with six departments. Two of these - English and History – became the core Departments of the Faculty of Arts when the institution grouped its academic units into faculties. The creation of the Faculty in 1960 was in line with one of the four factors which formed the background of the philosophy founding the University.